Axle Holder Instructions

STEP 1: Know the diameter of the post on which you will mount the Axle Holder

The Axle Holder can accomodate posts diameter up to 50 mm. All you need is to select the proper shims (or not) for your bike repair stand.

Get your caliper out!
You will need to measure the diameter of your bike repair stand post in order to select the proper shims to use for your Axle Holder.


STEP 2: Install your Axle Holder

Use the "UP TO 38MM" shims for posts of 38 mm diameter and smaller, the "39 TO 44MM" shims for posts diameter between 39 and 44 mm, and simply use the Axle Holder kit for posts diameter between 45 and 50 mm... we really did our best to make it easy.


Tighten the provided socket cap screws
Insert the 2 provided socket cap screws following the diagram below.
Use a torque wrench to tighten the socket cap screws to 0.5 NM, leaving an even gap on both sides of the Axle Holder where the socket cap screws are visible.

There is no need to over torque the socket cap screws. The Axle Holder only needs to hold firmly on the post so that it does not rotate freely.



Each Axle Holder is engraved with the thru-axles diameter it is meant to be used with; 12, 15 and 20 mm thru-axles.


It is possible to purchase the Axle Holder as a Single or Dual Axle Holder. The assembly instructions are the exact same for both options.





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