Flat Spanner and Hand Socket Tools Instructions

STEP 1: Know the size of the fork top cap on your bike

The first step prior to ordering your Momentum Cycle Flat Spanner and Hand Socket is to know the size of the fork top cap you have on your bike. There are different efficient ways to get that information and we are confident you can do it!

Find the Technical Manual of your specific bike and fork
You read that right. Most of the bike and fork manufacturers will have a Technical Manual made specifically for your product. You should find a lot of useful information in these manuals such as part numbers, torque specifications, parts orientation, greases and oils (just to name a few).

Momentum Cycle Tools and Bike Parts, refer to your Technical Manuals


STEP 2: Select the proper Momentum Cycle Flat Spanner and Hand Socket for the job!

Warning! Always make sure you released the air pressure of your fork prior to removing the fork top cap!

Simply select the proper Flat Spanner and Hand Socket into our product page! All Momentum Cycle Flat Spanner and Hand Socket Tools are clearly identified with the fork top cap dimension they are meant to be used with.


STEP 3: Get your fork top cap out!

Use the Flat Spanner to loosen the fork top cap. Excessive force should never be used.

Once done, use the Hand Socket to unscrew the top cap by hand. The Hand Socket is optional and will facilitate the process by giving you more surfaces for your fingertips.



STEP 4: Once you are done adding or removing tokens, or servicing the air shaft on your suspension, simply reverse STEP 3.

Warning! Don't forget to add air pressure in your fork and set your sag before you hit the trails!





*Additionnal information: Fork manufacturers usually recommand applying a light layer of grease on the fork top cap. Always refer to your Technical Manuals when assembling your bike or fork.




Disclaimer: Momentum Cycle Tools and Bike Parts has no liability, under no circumstances, for any damage or injury resulting from the use of our tools and products, or as a consequence of incorrect installation or improper use, to any other product used in conjunction with our Momentum Cycle Flat Spanner and Hand Socket Tools. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and user to ensure that our tools and products are used properly and safely. Our tools should be kept away and out of reach of children.