Wheel Hub Axle Removal Tool, Hub Support and Freehub Adaptors Guidelines

A little more data on our Wheel Hub Axle Removal Tool, Hub Support and Optional Freehub Adaptors

Our Wheel Hub Axle Removal Tool and Hub Support are made of high impact resistance and rigid "soft touch" thermoplastics so you have all the toughness where needed and extra protection for your bike parts! 

Our Optional Freehub Adaptors are made of rigid "soft touch" thermoplastic and will protect your freehubs while holding them tight!



STEP 1: Know what wheels and hubs are on your bikes

Even if our Wheel Hub Axle Removal Tool fits all 12, 15 and 20 mm hub axles and that our Hub Support is made to accommodate most hubs in the market, it is always best to look at your wheel and hub manufacturers Technical Manual to prepare for your maintenance.


Find the Technical Manual of your specific bikes, wheels and hubs
You read that right. Most of the wheel and hub manufacturers will have a Technical Manual made specifically for your products. You should find a lot of useful information in these manuals such as part numbers, torque specifications, parts orientation, bearings numbers, axle size, greases and/or oils (just to name a few).

Always find your manufacturers Technical Manuals before proceeding with your bike maintenance.


STEP 2: Get your tools out!

Once you know what's on your bike and have the parts needed for your service, get your tools out and work smart!

Our Hub Support can simply be placed on your workbench or clamped in a vice for more stability. Remove the axle end caps and position the hub properly onto our Hub Support. 

Rear wheel maintenance using our sturdy 3D printed Hub Support and Wheel Hub Axle Removal Tool.

Insert the Wheel Hub Axle Removal Tool into the axle and use a soft rubber mallet to tap on the tool headExcessive force should never be used. Hub axles are frequently made of thin aluminium. Our tool will protect your hub axle but it should not take a bodybuilder to tap it out

If in doubt, look at the part orientation in your hub manufacturer Technical Manual... Some axles can only be removed in one direction.


For Freehubs maintenance, simply slide your freehub into our Freehub Adaptors, which are made to be used in conjunction with our Hub Support. Our Freehub Adaptors are compatible with the following freehubs:

  • XD Freehub
  • HG Freehub
  • Microspline Freehub
  • Generic Adaptor for when you need to have the pawls side down.


XD freehub bearing maintenance using our 3D printed Hub Support and XD Freehub Adaptor.
Our Generic Adaptor is convenient when you need to have the pawls side down!
Microspline freehub maintenance using our rigid "soft touch" Microspline Freehub Adaptor.


STEP 3: Complete your hub and freehub service following the Technical Manual of the manufacturer

*Always refer to your Technical Manuals to tighten everything at the manufacturer specs. Use the recommended grease and/or oil when putting everything back together.




Disclaimer: Momentum Cycle Tools and Bike Parts has no liability, under no circumstances, for any damage or injury resulting from the use of our tools and products, or as a consequence of incorrect installation or improper use, to any other product used in conjunction with our Momentum Cycle Wheel Hub Axle Removal Tool, Hub Support and Freehub Adaptors. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and user to ensure that our tools and products are used properly and safely. Our tools should be kept away and out of reach of children.