About Us

How It Started
Momentum Cycle is the culmination of an idea that dates back to 2019: to design and manufacture affordable, quality tools for people who do their own bike maintenance.

Created from scratch by a bike enthusiast with more than 15 years of experience in industrial design and in the world of manufacturing, Momentum Cycle is officially launched in 2021 and offers its very first line of products to the general public. The Bearing Press Kits collection and the Crank PRO alone represent nearly a year of development, validation, testing, complete redesign and improvements, to ultimately offer you the best products possible.

3D Printing Technology

The exploratory process of 3D printing technology dates back to 2016, when the founder’s objective was to develop parts and products to respond to problematics he personally encountered while maintaining his bikes himself. Then followed an interest and a craze from his relatives, also bike enthusiasts.

We have chosen to use the 3D printing technology to manufacture our products rather than using injection molding, because 3D printing allows us to create and manufacture complex parts using a wide variety of materials. 3D printing also allows us to continue to innovate and update our products much more efficiently, in addition to improving and simplifying our production flow to ultimately offer you affordable products.

Our Mission

At Momentum Cycle, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to affordable and quality tools to always get the best possible performance from their bikes. Moreover, we are proud to say that our products are fully developed and produced in Canada!


Momentum Cycle Tools and Bike Parts logo. Mtb bearing press tools proudly developped and manufactured in Canada!